Sometimes, we do think that Kecil is WAY to attached to her iPad. But then, knowing myself, it would be more of a kettle calling the pot black. Huh.

Saturday mornings nowadays (especially when Daddy has to work and Mama is feeling lazy) are spent in pyjamas, playing on the ipad(S) with the neighbour kiddo.

New pair of shoes!

Not 3 months after the last new shoes, she said they were getting tight. And since she had proven that she can tie laces (express training session with Mama), she got a new pair, with LACES!

Our very own donut delivery girl… hahaha


We don’t do this very often, but it’s definitely one of the benefits of living so close to the beach/port at the bay.

With her favourite pet/school bag. We all love her Sammies. Can’t wait for travelling with it. 

Early (or not so early) morning at the beauty corner, right after shower….

Kecil & our homemade rainbow….. it’s summer already….

Watching the growing bunch walking to their classes….

Weekending with friends …