Watching the growing bunch walking to their classes….

Weekending with friends …

Weekending… was waiting for Mom and Dad to peel away from their respective ‘business’ (camera & computer) so we could go swimming already…..

The Spaghetti Princess…., resplendent in all her jewelries, and of course, spaghetti

The ‘Gang’ practicing. Halloween is coming, all right.

Just chillin (and torturing the Minnies using Mama’s gym ball!) at home. Quite a rare sight nowadays, with her preference to play outside with her ‘gang’.

First day of carpool and PE uniform. *love!!!!!

She loves her Dog, all right.

Sunny evenings are just perfect for taking the Dog for walkies while showing off one’s pink tutu, complete with the pink stockings and pink boots, don’t ya think?

Tagging Mama running errands, in this pic, sending the car for servicing.